Americana Series

Southern Nights (Florida)
SKU: 978-0783886855

Loving Jock as she did, how can she ever be a proper wife to Todd?
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The Traveling Kind (Idaho)
SKU: 978-1497639799

Love shines bright in this sweet Western romance set in Idaho—another classic entry in the New York Times–bestselling author’s Americana series.
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A Lyons Share (Illinois)
SKU: 978-1497639409

At Lyon Construction in Chicago, young secretary Joan Somers has always had an unbusinesslike attraction to her handsome boss, Brandt Lyon. But the dynamic entrepreneur has been too busy to notice, and can sometimes seem colder than the winter wind off Lake Michigan.
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Kona Winds (Hawaii)
SKU: 978-1497639546

Can Julie resist, or will she lose everything—her new job, her new home . . . and even herself?
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Night of the Cotillion (Georgia)

The legendary New York Times–bestselling author continues her Americana series as an innocent crush turns to scandalous passion for a sweet Georgia peach.
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Dangerous Masquerade (Alabama)
SKU: 9781497639454

A romantic ruse unravels among the Alabama elite in the New York Times–bestselling author’s Americana novel of deception and desire.
What was shy Los Angeles secretary Laurie Evans doing in Mobile, Alabama, for the weekend? Making good on a promise to meet the future in-laws. Not hers, but her cousin LaRaine’s. Like a fool, Laurie has agreed to masquerade as her cousin after the spoiled aspiring actress lands a movie role. LaRaine’s fiancé, millionaire hotel magnate Rian Montgomery, isn’t going to be there, and the rest of the Montgomery clan will never be the wiser. What could possibly go wrong?
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The Homeplace (Iowa)

A schoolteacher and a single father find a second chance at love on an Iowa farm in this Americana romance from the New York Times–bestselling author.
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The Indy Man (Indiana)
SKU: 978-1497639584

When an Indy Man sets his mind on a prize—he races to win.
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The Mating Season (Kansas)

A famous model can’t deny her Kansas roots—or her gorgeous childhood crush—in this Americana romance from the legendary New York Times–bestselling author.
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Sonora Sundown (Arizona)

Love runs wild for a mysterious cowboy and an Arizona hellcat in this Americana romance from the New York Times–bestselling author of Rivals.
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Fiesta San Antonio
SKU: 978-0373832149

An innocent Texan beauty teaches a wealthy, cold-hearted rancher how to love in this classic romance by a New York Times–bestselling author.
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After the Storm (Colorado)
SKU: 978-1850575627

A scorching novel of romance in Denver, where passion burns hot enough to melt the Rocky Mountain snow.
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The Matchmakers (Delaware)
SKU: 978-0896211490

A widowed father finds an unexpected romance when his two tenacious daughters unite him with their new nanny.
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Northern Magic (Alaska)
SKU: 978-0373898022

A determined Texas rose finds an unlikely love in Alaska in this charming Americana romance from the legendary New York Times–bestselling author.
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Valley of the Vapours (Arkansas)
SKU: 978-0263060973

In the rugged country of Arkansas, a young woman fights for freedom, passion, and love in this Americana romance from the New York Times–bestselling author.
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Fire & Ice (California)

The bouquet of California wine country becomes a stimulating aphrodisiac in this Americana romance from the New York Times–bestselling author.
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A Land Called Deseret (Utah)
SKU: 978-1497639416

“Are you admiring the view?” he asked.
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A Tradition of Pride (Mississippi)

The New York Times–bestselling legend displays her “mastery of sweeping romance” in this scandalous tale of Southern passion from her Americana series (Lanier County News).
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Bed of Grass (Maryland)
SKU: 978-1497639324

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Beware of the Stranger (New York)
SKU: 978-1497639331

A beautiful heiress in upstate New York can’t resist a mysterious stranger in this entry in the New York Times–bestselling author’s Americana series.
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Big Sky Country (Montana)
SKU: 978-1497639348

“Don’t be a fool and marry her!” That had been Riordan’s advice.
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Bluegrass King (Kentucky)
SKU: 978-1497637344

A beautiful Kentucky horse trainer gives a handsome blueblood a run for his money.
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Dakota Dreamin' (South Dakota)
SKU: 978-1497639447

Edie was barely eighteen when she married Joe Gibbs, becoming a stepmother to his five-year-old son and mother to their new daughter
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Darling Jenny (Wyoming)
SKU: 978-1497639461

Growing up on a farm in the green expanse of Minnesota, Jenny Glenn dreamed of life in the big city. But her hopes of making it in Minneapolis are dashed after she falls in love with her boss.
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Difficult Decision (Connecticut)
SKU: 978-1497639478

Every novel in this collection is your passport to a romantic tour of the United States through time-honored favorites by America’s First Lady of romance fiction. Each of the fifty novels is set in a different state, researched by Janet and her husband, Bill. For the Daileys it was an odyssey of discovery. For you, it’s the journey of a lifetime. Your tour of desire begins with this story set in Connecticut.
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Enemy in Camp (Michigan)
SKU: 978-1497639485

Dirk Ramsey is the most attractive man she’s ever met—but any interest he shows in her is purely for the sake of journalism . . . or so she thinks.
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For Mike's Sake (Washington)
SKU: 978-1497639539

Just as she feels ready to explore romance again, Mike’s father returns—reviving old feelings Maggie thought were buried forever.
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Giant of Mesabi (Minnesota)
SKU: 978-1497639508

College student Alanna Powell has come back to her hometown of Hibbing, built on the rich ore of the Mesabi Iron Ridge in Northern Minnesota. But it’s more than just a summer vacation.
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Heart of Stone (New Hampshire)
SKU: 978-1497639522

“We don’t mix- we’re like oil and water.” Brock was adamant that his life-style and Stephanie’s would never allow a relationship to grow.
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Land of Enchantment (New Mexico)
SKU: 978-1497639423

A New York fashion model falls for a handsome cowboy in this Americana romance set in New Mexico by the New York Times–bestselling author.
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Lord of the High Lonesome (North Dakota)
SKU: 978-1497639553

An English royal melts the heart of a lonesome ranch girl in this Americana romance set in the Roughrider State from the New York Times–bestselling author.
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Low Country Liar (South Carolina)
SKU: 978-1497639560

A woman gets caught up in a game of deception with a smooth South Carolina lawyer in this classic romance from a New York Times–bestselling author.
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One of the Boys (New Jersey)
SKU: 978-1497639645

A workplace flirtation leads to something more in this New Jersey–set romance in the series that gives each state a love story to call its own.
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Reillys Woman (Nevada)
SKU: 978-1497639652

Love and danger collide as the cross-country romance series heads to Nevada
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Savage Land (Texas)
SKU: 978-1497639669

An orphaned waif blossoms into a Texas rose when the New York Times–bestselling romance author’s Americana series heads to the Lone Star State.
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Sentimental Journey (Tennessee)
SKU: 978-1497639676

A Tennessee woman risks her heart on the secrets of a perfect new lover.
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Show Me (Missouri)
SKU: 978-1497639683

A beautiful wife with an unspeakable secret yearns for love in this Americana romance set in the Ozark Mountains.
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Six White Horses (Oklahoma)
SKU: 978-1497639690

Love is a wild ride for two Oklahoma rodeo rivals in this Americana romance.
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Summer Mahogany (Maine)
SKU: 978-1497639737

In coastal Maine, a woman’s scandalous past comes back to haunt her—and tempt her.
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That Boston Man (Massachusetts)
SKU: 978-1497639744

A feminist beauty challenges a Boston bachelor’s ideals—and heart.
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That Carolina Summer (North Carolina)
SKU: 978-1497639768

A resort owner teaches a flirtatious guest the true meaning of love.
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The Bride of the Delta Queen (Louisiana)
SKU: 978-1497639621

An amorous encounter in the Big Easy leads to a steamy riverboat ride.
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The Thawing of Mara (Pennsylvania)

Even as his determined wooing in the peaceful Pennsylvania countryside begins to win her over, Mara doubts her fearful heart will ever truly allow her to give in to love.
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Tidewater Lover (Virginia)
SKU: 978-1497639775

Sun and sand lead to a sweet and surprising romance on the Virginia coast.
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To Tell the Truth (Oregon)
SKU: 978-1497639782

An Oregon ski trip leads to an avalanche of desire. But Andra knew that if she revealed her terrible secret, everything would change….
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Wild and Wonderful (West Virginia)
SKU: 978-1497639812

Jett isn’t interested in absorbing the Reynolds’ mining operation into his conglomerate—and after just a few precious moments spent with intoxicating, chestnut-haired Glenna, he already has a very different kind of merger in mind.
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With a Little Luck (Wisconsin)
SKU: 978-1497639805

A journey of a lifetime, set in Wisconsin.
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