Show Me (Missouri)

Show Me (Missouri)
Americana y
Published by Open Road Media
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Spring is bursting forth and dogwood blossoms litter Missouri’s Ozark Mountains, but Tanya Lassiter feels a winter chill in her heart. Her son, John, was only three when Jake Lassiter last visited from South Africa. Now seven, John has no memory of the visit and has begun to question if his father really exists. Reluctantly, Tanya promises to write Jake and ask him to return.
For Tanya, life at the Lassiter home—where she and John live in modernist splendor with Jake’s wealthy parents—is often strained. Julia Lassiter tolerates Tanya for John’s sake, but can’t forgive her for driving Jake away. So when Jake appears unannounced at his parents’ anniversary party, Tanya is gripped by conflicting emotions. Harder with a world-weary edge, Jake is even more handsome than she remembered. But does he know Tanya has fallen in love with another man? Or has he returned to claim everything he believes is rightfully his?

120 pages | 978-1497639683