The Great Alone
SKU: 978-1504032629

Bestselling author Janet Dailey captures the heart of the last American frontier in this sweeping multigenerational saga of the founding of the state of Alaska.
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Aspen Gold
SKU: 978-1497636521

On the slopes of Colorado, an actress is caught in a passionate love triangle in this electrifying novel by a New York Times–bestselling author.
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Something Extra
SKU: 978-1497648692

Jolie Antoinette Smith wants to marry the man of her dreams. 
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Sweet Promise
SKU: 978-1497648739

Erica Wakefield‘s torrid past is behind her–she has finally escaped her self-destructive ways. Or has she?
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No Quarter Asked
SKU: 978-1497645004

Stacy Adams’s world collapsed with the sudden death of her father. She had to figure out what she wanted to do with her life now that she was wealthy and alone except for her dog and her horse. 
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SKU: 978-1497639393

Flame Morgan, the high-class v-p of a San Francisco ad agency, is instantly attracted to Chance Stuart, a wealthy, powerful land developer.
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The Ivory Cane
SKU: 978-1497644847

From the moment they met in the streets of San Francisco, Sabrina had mixed feelings about him.
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Because of You
SKU: 978-0821775592

Two stories in one focused on auto racing and another set in a hundred-year-old farm...regardless of the setting, we find that home truly is where the heart is. 
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For the Love of God

He was the Good Samaritan who offered her roadside help, then stepped into his green sportscar and disappeared.
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The Rogue
SKU: 978-1439189160

Across the windswept plains of Nevada, through sun-scorched days and starry nights, they fought an all-consuming attraction
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Terms of Surrender
SKU: 978-1439189122

Angie Hall is surprised by the smoldering desire that coursed through her when she sees her former husband, Deke Blackwood, again.
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The Hostage Bride
SKU: 978-1439189153

Beneath Tamara‘s cool beauty lay a dangerous secret.
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The Lancaster Men
SKU: 978-1439189177

Three years after free-spirited Shari Sutherland escaped from the Lancaster family patriarchs, she returned home because of her mother’s stroke.
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Something More
SKU: 9780821775448

From New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey comes a captivating story of a man who's given up, a woman who won't let go, and a race to find a treasure that could bring them wealth and so much more...

Life in Glory, Wyoming, population fifty-one, isn't exactly exciting. The dusty old town isn't even on the map. And for rancher Luke McCallister, that's just fine. Broken by tragedy, the stoic cowboy spends his time at his Ten Bar Ranch or down at Ima Jane's Rimrock Bar, trying to avoid the gossip being served along with the food and drink. But the everyday quiet of his life is shattered when he finds a human skull--and possibly the key to Glory's oldest mystery. 
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Silver Wings, Santiago Blue
SKU: 978-1416588849

Travel back in time to the exhilarating story of the first WASPS, the Woman Airforce Service Pilots, who risked their lives, their ambitions, and their dreams to help the war effort during World War II.
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The Glory Game
SKU: 978-1416588771

Luz Kincaid Thomas has everything -- wealth, two lovely teenagers, beauty, and love -- until her husband leaves her for a younger woman.
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The Pride of Hannah Wade
SKU: 978-1416588788

In the harsh New Mexico Territory, Hannah Wade was captured and enslaved by avenging Apaches.
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Something More
SKU: 978-0758222701

An unforgettable journey between a man who’s given up and a woman who won’t let go…
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SKU: 978-0060176983

Delaney Westcott is a beautiful career woman in a man‘s world.
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SKU: 978-0060176976

A thrilling modern romance set in Nevada. 
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Legacies / American Destiny
SKU: 978-0316172059

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Tangled Vines
SKU: 978-0316171564

Kelly Douglas rises from an abusive childhood to become a news anchor, but the pain of the past threatens to surface when she covers a murder case linked to her father.
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For Bitter or Worse
SKU: 978-0373832156

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The Master Fiddler
SKU: 978-0373832088

Na‘ve Jacquie Grey thought that her life would just work itself out.
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Western Man
SKU: 978-0671681784

Ever since she was a teenager, Sharon Powell has adored Ridge Halliday.
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Separate Cabins
SKU: 978-0839828006

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Touch the Wind
SKU: 978-0887330001

All her life, beautiful Sheila got what she wanted.
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Foxfire Light
SKU: 978-0671446819

This was no will-o’-the-wisp, to slip away in the dark, but a bright and shining love to show the way into tomorrow.
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Wildcatter's Woman
SKU: 978-0816134403

Four years after her divorce, Vanessa Cantrell owns an interior decorating firm, a European sports car, and an apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
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The Second Time
SKU: 978-0671571771

How long could their love last?
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