Dance with Me
SKU: 9781420148084

Kathleen Darrow loves a challenge, and taking care of Jordan Long’s two young daughters certainly qualifies! The girls think she’s wonderful, but will their handsome single dad ever get to meet her if he keeps taking business trips to faraway places? THE MATCHMAKERS’ secret plan to play Cupid is pure genius, and once Jordan meets their temporary nanny, he’s sure to fall in love.
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Lover Man
SKU: 9781420142709

Dear friend, Pleasure and passion go together…and the result is love. Revising these romances for you was pure fun– I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Fiesta San Antonio A glittering celebration on a sultry Texas night brought them together under a black velvet sky studded with stars…and Natalie Crane decided to take the ultimate chance with Colter Langston. Soon it was too late for second thoughts—but never too late for lasting love… 
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Texas Kiss
SKU: 9781420142716

Dear friend, Where and when you least expect it…love is there. Revising these two stories was a pleasure—I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. No Quarter Asked Sometimes a woman needs time alone to slow down and think, really think, about everything—life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s why Stacy Adams is heading for the Texas wilderness, content to be by herself…
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Crazy in Love
SKU: 9781420140859

Dear friend, Where and when you least expect it…love is there. Revising these two stories was a pleasure—I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.
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Stealing Kisses
SKU: 9781420140842

Dear friend, Where and when you least expect it…love is there. Revising these two stories was a pleasure—I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. 
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Yes I do
SKU: 9781420140835

Where and when you least expect it. . .love is there. Revising these two stories was a pleasure--I hope you'll enjoy reading them. Remember when you first fell in love? It's time to get that feeling again. . .
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With This Kiss
SKU: 9781420135831

Dear friend, Where and when you least expect it…love is there. Revising these two stories was a pleasure—I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.
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American Dreams
SKU: 9781497637313

A stirring story of love and passion on the Trail of Tears from New York Times–bestselling author Janet Dailey, America’s first lady of romance. Temple Gordon’s family is one of the oldest, and proudest, to call Cherokee country home. Although their house may look like a southern plantation, the blood in their veins and the land beneath their feet is Cherokee. Nothing will change that—or so they believe.

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Ranch Dressing
SKU: 9781420134469

Remember, true love isn't just for fairy tales . . . Charley Collins could use a hired hand around her Idaho ranch—but is six-foot-something, too-handsome-for-his-boots Shad Russell the right man for the job? Charley's about to find out that when it comes to women, the rangy cowboy has an ace up his blue denim sleeve: Shad's kisses are hotter than wildfire.
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Going My Way
SKU: 9781420132212

You'll find true romance and real-life heroes in these books! Judging by all the photos of him with the model du jour on his arm, Rome Lockwood can have any woman he wants, and newbie reporter Lexie Templeton has heard rumors about him that are hot enough to scorch paper. And now everyone thinks she made the decision to run them in the gossip column! Rome insists that Lexie explain—and he doesn't seem to be the kind of man who takes no for an answer . . . 
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Happily Ever After
SKU: 9781420132229

These stories of classic romance are among my favorites—and I welcomed the chance to revise them for today’s reader. Oklahoma ranch owner Morgan Kincaid may be tall, masterful and everything else women look for in a man…but that doesn’t mean Patty King wants him. Riding in rodeos doesn’t leave her any time for romance, and besides, Patty’s not the marrying kind.
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SKU: 9780061085086

The talents of four stellar authors are brought together in one passionate anthology that celebrates homecomings and the joy of love. This beautifully repackaged classic is sure to delight longtime fans and attract new ones! In "The Journey" by Fern Michaels, twelve years after being jilted at the altar, mountain guide Maggie Osborne Harper is about to make the hardest trek of her life. 
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Always with Love
SKU: 9781420125696

Fans of the iconic New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey will be falling in love with this repackaged reissue - containing two classic romances, 'Sentimental Journey' and 'Savage Land'. These stories of classic romance are among my favorites—and I welcomed the chance to revise them for today's reader. 
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Can't Say Goodbye
SKU: 9781420125719

Dear Reader, These stories of classic romance are among my favourites - and I welcomed the chance to revise them for today's reader. Jill Randall would do anything to help her friend Kerry...even head out to BIG SKY COUNTRY to see that rancher John Riordan gets his comeuppance. Riordan is arrogant, handsome, and too sexy for his own good - and he disapproves of Kerry's engagement to his younger brother.
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SKU: 9781420122145

Contains “A Land Called Deseret” and “Dangerous Masquerade.”
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When You Kiss Me
SKU: 9781420106671

In the first work, Jolie leaves her home to esacpe a variety of problems and trace her roots, but finds herself facing a new challenge, her unrequited love for Steve Cameron; and in the second work, young and beautiful Sabrina Lane, living on her own in San Francisco, despite her blindness, finds herself falling for the handsome, yet overprotective, Bay Cameron.
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Mistletoe and Molly
SKU: 9781420100419

You never quite get over your first love…especially when the holidays roll around. Jonas Concannon can attest to that. He’s come back to Vermont at last and the first person he sees is Bridget O’Shea. Still young, still lovely, the auburn-haired beauty and her little daughter Molly are getting ready for Christmas. 
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Wearing White
SKU: 9781420100112

In A Tradition of Pride, a lonely Southern belle gets swept off her feet by a handsome plantation manager, and in The Mating Season, a model, determined never to forget where she came from, returns home to her family's ranch in Kansas where true love awaits her. Original.
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Eves Christmas
SKU: 9780821780176

A small town Christmas is just what Luck McClure wants for his young son. The snow’s coming down and the tallest tree on the lot is tied to the top of his car. All Luck has to do now is trim it, decorate the lakeside cottage, string the lights and wrap the presents. 

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Bring the Ring
SKU: 9780821780169

Features Summer Mahogany, in which two high-school sweethearts get a second chance at love, and Valley of the Vapors, in which Tisha Caldwell, tired of the same old dating scene, agrees to have dinner with a sexy executive and discovers something very different on the menu. 
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Let's be Jolly
SKU: 9780821779194

Two sparkling Christmas stories--Northern Magic and Bride of the Delta Queen--combine together in one volume to fill the reader with the warmth of romance, charm, and delightful holiday spirit. 
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It Takes Two
SKU: 9780821779187

Features Night of the Cotillion and Low Country Liar, in which Lisa Talmadge, believing Slade Blackwell is bilking her aunt of all her money, disguises herself to work as Blackwell's secretary and finds herself falling in love with him. 
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Happy Holidays
SKU: 9780821777497

Contains two enchanting Christmas stories--The Lord of The High Lonesome, in which an English baron steals the heart of a tough, yet beautiful, ranch manager, and Heart of Stone, in which a New Hampshire inn becomes the setting for an unexpected holiday romance. 
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Maybe This Christmas
SKU: 9780821776117

Two delightful holiday romances in one volume includes Darling Jenny, in which Jennifer Glenn, after her Jeep breaks down in the mountains, finds shelter in the home and in the arms of gorgeous rancher Logan Taylor, and Strange Bedfellow. 
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Contains “Sonora Sundown” and “Bluegrass King.”
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Man of Mine

Dear friend, The touch of a hand…the look of love…sometimes that’s all you need. I hope you enjoy these stories—I enjoyed updating them for you. To Tell The Truth Deep powder, blue skies, and the excitement of downhill skiing…Andrea Grant can’t resist another run, but she’s got a not-so-secret admirer. 
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Try to Resist Me

Dear friend, Love can blossom in the most unlikely of circumstances—you should always be on the lookout! I was thrilled to get a chance to revise these two stories. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Giant Of Mesabi Rolt Matthews is as solid and as strong as Minnesota’s famed Iron Range, and the mines he controls have made him a fortune. 
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