mistletoe and molly, janet dailey, anthology, fiction, romance

Mistletoe and Molly

Mistletoe and Molly
Published by Zebra
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You never quite get over your first love…especially when the holidays roll around. Jonas Concannon can attest to that. He’s come back to Vermont at last and the first person he sees is Bridget O’Shea. Still young, still lovely, the auburn-haired beauty and her little daughter Molly are getting ready for Christmas. Sleigh rides…making hot cocoa from scratch…cutting out paper snowflakes and trimming a tree…it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Another kiss under the mistletoe should persuade her to say yes. The lady is willing—very willing. No longer lonely, Jonas is determined to claim Bridget’s heart. He can’t wait to share a season filled with joy…and a forever kind of love.

paperback | 192 pages | 9781420100419 | October 1, 2007