A Calder at Heart
SKU: 978-1-4967-2746-6

New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey returns with the third installment in the powerful Calder family saga. It’s 1919 Montana and the range war between the Calders and the Dollarhides once again ignites into a blaze when the rivalry between the two families threatens to tear new-found love apart. Ideal for fans of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Yellowstone and its prequel, 1923!

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Calder Grit
SKU: 978-1496727459

As the countryside explodes in violence, the Calder patriarch has the power to stop the destruction, though some believe Benteen Calder is only stoking the flames for his own gain. One man courageously straddles the divide…
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Calder Brand
SKU: 978-1496727442

Janet Dailey's iconic Calder Saga is synonymous with everything readers have come to love in her novels: romance, adventure, and the epic mystique of the Old West. Now America's First Lady of Romance invites readers on a new journey with the first installment in a Calder series spin-off beginning in the late 1800s, as a cowboy named Joe Dollarhide joins the Calder brand on one of the first cattle drives from Texas to Montana...
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Santa in Montana

As the magical season begins with a glorious snowfall, the Calders share a host of surprises—including a mystery solved, a special visitor, and the greatest gift of all: love, the forever kind.
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Calder Born, Calder Bred
SKU: 978-1439189191

When her world rushed in to plunder the fortune beneath the prairies, it was Jessy who fought for Ty, defying death to save a birthright that was Calder Born, Calder Bred.
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This Calder Range
SKU: 9781439189108

Chase Benteen Calder was bound to wrest a fortune from Montana land, where the whisper of riches swept across a sea of buffalo grass. With Lorna at his side, a woman who took the tough ways of the land as her destiny, he would breathe life into his dream. Through the treacherous Texas prairie, the perils of Indian country, and a bustling Dodge City, they forged their way to Montana. With Calder strength, they would harvest their fortune from the rich earth, on the sprawling plains of This Calder Range.
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Calder Storm
SKU: 978-0758204424

Filled with passion, suspense, heartbreak, and hope, Calder Storm is an enthralling story about an unforgettable American family as bold as the land they love.
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Lone Calder Star
SKU: 978-0758204417

In order to protect his family, Quint Echohawk is prepared to take a stand against a ruthless cattle baron who is more determined than anyone knows and more dangerous than the Calders could possibly imagine…
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Calder Promise
SKU: 978-0758204400

All Laura Calder Wants Is Everything…
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Shifting Calder Wind

When another family member is found murdered on Calder soil, Chase resolves to come out of hiding and track down a ruthless killer…before the killer finds him first…
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Green Calder Grass
SKU: 978-0758200662

Jessy Niles Calder finds her perfect marriage to Ty Calder, the man she has loved for years, threatened by the return of his ex-wife Tara, whose devious and dangerous machinations divide the Calder family and threaten to destroy their marriage as well as their lives.
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This Calder Sky
SKU: 978-0727854018

Chase Calder would carry the name Calder to new glories.
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Stands a Calder Man
SKU: 978-0727853837

Where a man stands for what he believes, there Stands a Calder Man.
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Calder Pride
SKU: 978-0060176990

It seems impossible, but the man she thought she would never see again is now a part of her life--whether she wants him to be or not. 
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