Lone Calder Star

Lone Calder Star

Lone Calder Star
Calder Series 9
Published by Kensington
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New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey journeys to the Lone Star state and the Cee Bar Ranch, where the Calders face a new threat to their land and way of life. In order to protect his family, Quint Echohawk is prepared to take a stand against a ruthless cattle baron who is more determined than anyone knows and more dangerous than the Calders could possibly imagine… For more than one hundred years, the Cee Bar Ranch on the northern plains of Texas has been run by the Calder family. They might live in Montana, but their hearts are never far from the blue skies and hard-working hands at home in the Lone Star state. But now, there’s trouble at the Cee Bar. The ranch has been all but abandoned, the horses left to starve, the ranch hands run out of town. Someone is determined to undermine the Calder’s Texas outfit, and it’s time a Calder stepped in to investigate. Quint Echohawk is a lawman, not a rancher. But he’s a Calder, and if someone is messing with the Cee Bar, it’s his business. From the moment Quint’s boots touch Texas dirt, it’s clear to him that everyone in town is running scared from Max Rutledge, the ruthless owner of a competing ranch who would do anything to get his hands on the Cee Bar. Posing as a cowboy looking for work, Quint is repeatedly warned to steer clear of the Calder-held ranch. His every move is monitored by the locals and reported to Rutledge and his son, Boone. The only friends Quint has are “Empty” Garner and his daughter, Dallas. In Empty, Quint finds a steadfast ally; in Dallas, Quint finds something more—the promise of a future. As the warnings escalate to threats and threats give way to terrifying danger, Quint is in for the fight of his life. In a town where no one can be trusted and betrayal is around every corner, where every unlocked door, thrown punch, or suspicious fire is just a hint of deadlier things to come, the Calders will be tested as never before. And this time, it could cost them more than their land…it could cost them everything.

281 pages | 978-0758204417 | June 7, 2005

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