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Crazy in Love

Crazy in Love
Published by Zebra
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In Bed Of Grass, Valerie Wentworth knows only too well that the most beautiful memories can also be bittersweet. But, even if it means seeing Judd Prescott again, she has to go home to Maryland for her grandfather’s funeral. Her young son has never seen the green countryside where she grew up. Good thing it hasn’t changed all that much. And neither has Judd. One look in his eyes, and she’s right back where she started…crazy in love.

After The Storm: Lainie MacLeod’s mother wanted only the best things in life for her beautiful daughter. And for a while, Lainie had it all, including the perfect husband. Back then, Rad MacLeod had to have been the handsomest, nicest guy in Denver, Colorado—hey, he still is. And he’s the only man Lainie ever truly loved. Now Rad’s back. They’re both a little older and a whole lot wiser…and the romance is hotter than ever. Remember when you first fell in love? It’s time to get that feeling again… With love, Janet Dailey

paperback | 368 pages | 9781420140859 | June 28, 2016