Low Country Liar (South Carolina)

Low Country Liar (South Carolina)

Low Country Liar (South Carolina)
Americana an
Published by Open Road Media
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Lisa Talmadge is positive her Aunt Mitzi’s lawyer is taking advantage of her trusting nature—and her money. Not about to let Mitzi get manhandled by a crook, Lisa confronts Slade Blackwell at his practice in Charleston. But when he mistakes her for his temporary secretary, Lisa suddenly finds herself turning a case of mistaken identity into a full-fledged undercover operation—complete with a wig and alter ego.

Searching for evidence of Slade’s dirty dealings while posing as a married redhead named Ann Eldridge puts Lisa in a dangerous position: While she’s pretty sure Slade is up to no good, his charm and sexy strength are getting her all hot and bothered. It’s only a matter of time before her web of lies comes crashing down, and as Lisa starts to fall for Slade, she worries her heart will get broken in the process.

132 pages | 978-1497639560