Reillys Woman (Nevada)

Reillys Woman (Nevada)
Americana ab
Published by Open Road Media
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The crash of a Cessna 310 charter flight on a Nevada mountainside has left two survivors: Leah Talbot, a young secretary from Las Vegas, and the pilot, lone wolf Reilly Smith. Part Native American, all man, Reilly is impassive, mysterious, and inscrutable. Under the noonday sun, they make their way across a hostile stretch of Nevada desert. Under the cold night rain, they have only their bodies, locked in an embrace, to keep them warm.
As two desperate strangers come together, so does a desire that burns as hot as the sand. But Reilly’s instincts are as strong as his survival skills. They may share a love that’s helping to keep them alive, but he knows that once they reach civilization the bond between them will be severed with a last kiss goodbye. Unless Reilly can make Leah realize that she’s saved him as much as he’s saved her.

124 pages | 978-1497639652