Sentimental Journey (Tennessee)

Sentimental Journey (Tennessee)
Americana ap
Published by Open Road Media
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Jessica Thorne, an advertising executive from Chattanooga, Tennessee, never expected such a blast from the past. Yet there he was: Brodie Hayes. Years ago, Brodie had pursued Jessica’s older sister, Jordanna, and got stung. A poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he couldn’t measure up to the Thorne family’s high standards. Now Brodie has returned to the city—handsome, charismatic, and wealthy beyond measure. And this time, he only has eyes for Jessica.
Jessica is flattered by Brodie’s lavish attention, charmed by his persistence, and astonished by his declaration of love. He’s definitely the kind of man Jessica has dreamed of, but she can’t help wondering: Is he living out the fantasies he still has for her sister? Or could it even be something as sinister as revenge? The answer is arriving soon. Jordanna is coming home to Chattanooga for a visit. Now, Jessica will find out if Brodie is the man of her dreams or too good to be true.

124 pages | 978-1497639676