Savage Land (Texas)

Savage Land (Texas)
Americana aq
Published by Open Road Media
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Danny and Coley McGuire have nothing left to lose. In a way, the death of their alcoholic father came as a relief, but after their beloved mother passes away, the siblings have only themselves to rely on. Danny has always been protective of his innocent, nineteen-year-old sister. And he hopes to find a better life for her in Texas with their aunt Wilhelmina.
When they finally reach the Slash S Ranch, Aunt Willy welcomes them with open arms and happily transforms Coley from a shy, slouching girl into a charming beauty. But the rest of the Savage clan isn’t quite as hospitable. In particular, Jase Savage—with his ice-blue eyes and the livid scar on his face—seems set on ignoring her very existence. Coley isn’t sure why he’s so angry, but she suspects it has something to do with the scar his grandfather calls “the mark of Cain.”

132 pages | 978-1497639669