Night of the Cotillion

Night of the Cotillion (Georgia)

Night of the Cotillion (Georgia)
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Published by Open Road Media
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Since the first moment she saw him, Amanda Bennett has been fixated on Jarod Colby. She never thought he’d notice a local girl like her, so when Jarod takes an interest at the annual cotillion at his family’s plantation house, Amanda is overwhelmed by his attention—and his intense, masculine presence.
But her Prince Charming isn’t perfect, not with his arrogant assurance that he can have anything he wants no questions asked—including Amanda. Jarod isn’t the sort for love or marriage. What he wants are the pleasures of the moment . . . and the pleasures he offers are undeniable. Now, Amanda will have to decide if the thrill of loving Jarod is worth the risk of not being loved in return.

128 pages | | June 7, 2014