Beware of the Stranger (New York)

Beware of the Stranger (New York)
Americana af
Published by Open Road Media
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Samantha Jones is a small-town journalist with a big secret. She is actually Samantha Gentry, daughter of one of New York’s most famous and powerful moguls. At twenty-two, she’s decided that finding true love isn’t easy for an heiress. But she’s willing to change her mind when she meets a man who knows her secret—and claims to have a message from her father.
Soon, the handsome stranger has Samantha traveling by boat to a remote island along the St. Lawrence River. But who is Chris Andrews and what does he want? Why isn’t Samantha allowed to leave the island? A prisoner of the passionate lover whose motives she can’t begin to fathom, she is also a hostage to the powerful desires he awakens in her. And surrendering her heart could demand the highest ransom of all.

124 pages | 978-1497639331