Fire and Ice

Fire & Ice (California)

Fire & Ice (California)
Americana Series e
Published by Harlequin
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Alisa Franklin knows a good prospect when she sees one, and Zachary Stuart is it. A vintner from Napa Valley, California, he’s handsome, respected, available, and in need of the $200K that comes with Alisa’s proposal of marriage. By dictate of her mother’s will, finding a husband is the only way she can gain custody of her half-sister. It’s a business arrangement, pure and simple. Because when it comes to men, Alisa’s as cold as ice.
After inheriting his father’s considerable debts, Zachary is eager to seal the deal—on his conditions. They’ll live in his house and play husband and wife to the hilt. Even if he knows Alisa will never agree to the games that come with it. But Zachary is an inveterate gambler, and instinct tells him the odds are in his favor. Plus, the more he gets to know Alisa, the more he wants to prove their love is no charade. Being near her is making him as hot as fire, and melting away Alisa’s defenses will be a pleasure.

192 pages | ISBN-13: | January 10, 1975