Wild and Wonderful (West Virginia)

Wild and Wonderful (West Virginia)
Americana av
Published by Open Road Media
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Beautiful, talented Glenna Reynolds would like to be focusing on her writing career, but she knows that if the government shuts down her family’s West Virginia coal mine, it would kill her father. Accompanying him for a meeting at the world-famous Greenbrier spa in the magnificent Allegheny Valley, Glenna encounters Jett Coulson for the first time. The handsome tycoon holds their family business in his powerful hands—and his self-assured charm combined with his rough, raw masculinity takes her breath away.
But Jett isn’t interested in absorbing the Reynolds’ mining operation into his conglomerate—and after just a few precious moments spent with intoxicating, chestnut-haired Glenna, he already has a very different kind of merger in mind.

120 pages | 978-1497639812