Sonora Sundown

Sonora Sundown (Arizona)

Sonora Sundown (Arizona)
Americana c
Published by Harlequin
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It’s a Sonora, Arizona, sundown and Brandy Ames has one thought: Where’s a cowboy when you need one? Her skittish Arabian gelding turned tail and galloped off leaving Brandy lost in the desert. Then she sees the flicker of fire over the next rise and follows it straight to the camp of a cattle thief. Rugged and drop-dead gorgeous in weathered suede, Jim is a man of few words. There’s no time for small talk, anyway. An oncoming sandstorm is forcing them to take shelter for the night—in each other’s arms.
Brandy wasn’t exactly prepared for his kiss. Willing? Yes. But what was she thinking? Saddling up next to him, Brandy has no idea that Jim has a secret—one that’s going to make Brandy the envy of every girl she knows. And inflame the wrath of a few she doesn’t. It may have begun as a chance encounter in the desert, but it’s about to explode into the most public romance of the year. If Brandy can take the heat.

120 pages | March 1, 1991