Dakota Dreamin' (South Dakota)

Dakota Dreamin' (South Dakota)
Americana ao
Published by Open Road Media
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Edie was barely eighteen when she married Joe Gibbs, becoming a stepmother to his five-year-old son and mother to their new daughter. Their life was frugal but happy—until Joe left Edie a widow. Now grief-stricken and anxious about their future, Edie is surprised to learn that Joe had made a secret plan to keep them secure and allow the young widow to pursue a lifelong dream of owning a ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Excited and optimistic, the Gibbs family heads West—only to find that Will Maddock, their wealthy new neighbor, is determined to add Edie’s acreage to his own sizable spread. It doesn’t help that the man is as handsome as he is arrogant. When their every encounter becomes a battle, how long can Edie keep Will from getting exactly what he wants?

120 pages | 978-1497639447