The Thawing of Mara (Pennsylvania)

The Thawing of Mara (Pennsylvania)
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Published by Open Road Media
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From a young age, Mara Prentiss knew never to trust men. Her philandering father’s antics and her mother’s pain showed her all too well the kind of trouble love could bring. She’s spent years practicing how to steel up against the kind of hurt a broken heart can cause, and she’s yet to meet a man who could break down her defenses—until Sinclair Buchanan moves into her backyard.
As soon as the debonair scoundrel takes up residence in the cottage at the back of Mara’s property, it becomes clear that Sinclair won’t be satisfied until her frosty demeanor melts. But even as his determined wooing in the peaceful Pennsylvania countryside begins to win her over, Mara doubts her fearful heart will ever truly allow her to give in to love.

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