The Bride of the Delta Queen (Louisiana)

The Bride of the Delta Queen (Louisiana)
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Published by Open Road Media
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Discover romance across America with Janet Dailey’s classic series featuring a love story set in each of the fifty states. One of America’s most beloved romance writers, with more than 300 million books sold, Dailey continues her Americana series with a visit to New Orleans, Louisiana, and a romantic journey down the mighty Mississippi River.
Selena Merrick, an Iowa minister’s daughter, is letting loose on her New Orleans vacation—perhaps too loose. When she jokingly quotes a price for her services to a group of drunken businessmen who mistake her for a “lady of the evening,” Chance Barkley, a handsome nearby stranger, takes her very seriously.
Cutting their encounter short after only a few furtive kisses, the stunning redhead can’t help wondering what she missed by abandoning the manly, muscular, and ever-so-persistent Southerner. But after boarding the famed Delta Queen riverboat, she gets another chance at Chance—who happens to be a fellow passenger.

116 pages | 978-1497639621