One of the Boys (New Jersey)

One of the Boys (New Jersey)
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Published by Open Road Media
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As one of the few female “cameramen” in the TV business, Jersey girl Petra “Pet” Wallis works hard to fit in on set. But as much as she tries to keep her cool, she can’t help butting heads with her boss, Dane Kingston. The first time she met Dane, the hotshot producer/director mistook Pet for someone’s girlfriend and chewed her out for messing with expensive equipment. Pet quickly corrected his error, but the two have had it out for each other ever since.
Now, Pet is working for Dane again, this time on a high-profile special starring the singing sex goddess, Ruby Gale. Before shooting even starts, Dane warns Pet to make sure she doesn’t stir up trouble. Pet has always been careful, but Dane gets under her skin in a way she just can’t explain. And as the production unfolds, it gets tougher and tougher for Pet to behave like she’s just one of the boys.

124 pages | 978-1497639645