Strange Bedfellows (Rhode Island)

Strange Bedfellows (Rhode Island)
Americana am
Published by Open Road Media
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Dina Chandler has been to hell and back. Two-and-a-half years ago, her tempestuous marriage to Blake Chandler ended abruptly when his plane disappeared in the South American jungle. With no one else to take the helm, the lovely, grief-stricken widow found herself in charge of the vast Chandler hotel empire. Through it all, Blake’s old friend, Chet Stanton, had been her rock.
The Newport air kisses Dina’s hair with salt as she says farewell to Blake’s old sailboat. She isn’t much of a sailor and—now that she’s engaged to Chet—Dina feels it’s time to let go. But when Dina arrives home, she thinks she’s seen a ghost. Always hot-tempered, Blake’s ordeal has utterly stripped him of his former sophistication, and he’s furious to find his return marred by Dina’s engagement. Terrified of the man whose bed she once shared, Dina must now choose between her new love and a savage stranger.

128 pages | 978-1497639720