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Letters from Peaceful Lane (Missouri)

Letters from Peaceful Lane (Missouri)
The New Americana Series Book 3
By Janet Dailey
Published by Zebra Books
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Allison felt like she’d stepped into a fairy tale when she married widower Burke Caldwell. But after less than a year of marriage, he’s become removed and distant. His friends see Allison as little more than a trophy wife, his only daughter regards her as the enemy. With everyone so devoted to the memory of Burke’s first wife, Kate, how can Allison possibly compete? Then a harrowing car crash leaves Burke badly injured. But it becomes achingly clear that the woman Burke wants by his side is the wife he lost . . .
No longer able to dismiss the power Kate still holds, Allison can’t resist reading a trove of hidden letters from Kate to Burke. What she discovers sets her mind reeling. The letters give Allison an enlightening window into her husband’s heart. But will she have the courage to put aside her own fears, and grab hold of a love as big and bold as the man she once dared to marry?


paperback | 288 pages | 9781420144918 | March 26, 2019