A Capital Holiday

Author: Janet Dailey
Series: Singles
Publisher: Janet Dailey

Jocelyn Wakefield, the president‘s gorgeous unmarried daughter, receives more press attention than Jackie in her heyday. Longing for a single day without scrutiny, she enlists her grandmother‘s aid, dons a disguise and escapes into Washington via a secret tunnel. Before Jocelyn can begin to enjoy her newfound freedom, she bumps into political columnist Grady Tucker. He falls in love with her at first sight, despite her dark makeup and ugly clothes, and contrives an injury to entice her to hang around. She lingers to help yet remains wary, fearing that he‘ll discover and report on her antics. When Jocelyn and Grady finally part, she doubts she‘ll ever see him again. But Grady talks his way into the president‘s private residence a few days later to persuade her that his love is real.