Something More

Author: Janet Dailey
Series: Singles
Publisher: Janet Dailey

An unforgettable journey between a man who’s given up and a woman who won’t let go… While life in Glory, Wyoming, isn’t exactly exciting, for stoic cowboy Luke McCallister, that’s just fine. But then he stumbles across a human skull—and possibly the key to Glory’s oldest mystery… A hundred years ago, the sole survivor of a band of outlaws took the secret of a buried treasure with him to the gallows. That man was Angie Sommers’s great-great-grandfather, and she’s come to Glory to see if the legend is true—with Luke’s help. But Luke has no interest in chasing pipe dreams. Still, he can’t deny that Angie’s sweet, trusting nature, her honest eyes, and unshakeable belief make him feel things he hasn’t allowed himself to feel in years. Now, bound by the thinnest of ties and shadowed by danger, Luke and Angie set off in search of a mystery as romantic as the west itself, traveling into Wyoming’s rugged, treacherous terrain and even deeper into the heart’s tender graces…