American Dreams

Author: Janet Dailey
Series: Anthologies
Publisher: Janet Dailey

Previously published as The Proud and The Free New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey returns to her roots in this richly conceived epic of a passionate family’s fate and fortune in the tumultuous era of America’s wild frontier… At first glance, Temple Gordon is every inch a Southern belle. Raised on a grand plantation, the outspoken young beauty has known only the comforts of luxury. Yet even though Temple’s father attended the finest schools in the east, his greatest source of pride is the Cherokee blood that runs through his veins. And for Temple and her family, life is about to change beyond all imagining. “The Blade” Stuart, a reckless Cherokee landowner, knows that trouble is rumbling close, even if others refuse to acknowledge it. He loves Temple’s unwavering devotion—to her heritage, and to the passion they share—and he realizes how dangerous it may be. As treaties are broken, property confiscated, and neighbors turned against one another, he and Temple risk losing everything they cherish, including each other. Fueled only by the promise of freedom, Temple and her family must embark on an unforgettable journey through a land torn by violence, toward a future forged from courage, hope, and a wild, turbulent love.