American Destiny

Author: Janet Dailey
Series: Anthologies
Publisher: Janet Dailey

Previously published as Legacies In this dazzling, evocative novel set against the turbulence of the Civil War, New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey masterfully portrays two families whose fates are intertwined with that of the land they love… Diane Parmelee is the belle of Boston and an officer’s daughter in every way—resourceful, bold, and single-minded in pursuing what she wants. And ever since she was a young girl, Diane has wanted Lije Stuart. Meeting him again after five years, Diane is exhilarated to realize that Lije’s desire mirrors her own. But the bliss they find together is short-lived. War is looming and Lije—handsome, Harvard-educated and fiercely proud of his Cherokee ancestry—faces an impossible choice. As Diane’s father takes his place on the Union side, Lije’s family is thrown into upheaval and a long-simmering feud reaches a lethal new level. Once, no force on earth was powerful enough to keep Diane and Lije apart. Now their own loyalties have placed them on either side of a widening gulf. No family will emerge unscathed, no bond untested, and as a nation emerges from chaos, two lovers will fight to find a way back to each other at last…