Try To Resist Me

Author: Janet Dailey
Series: Anthologies
Publisher: Janet Dailey

Dear friend, Love can blossom in the most unlikely of circumstances—you should always be on the lookout! I was thrilled to get a chance to revise these two stories. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Giant Of Mesabi Rolt Matthews is as solid and as strong as Minnesota’s famed Iron Range, and the mines he controls have made him a fortune. But he’ll need a soft touch to convince beautiful Alanna Powell that she’s his one and only…and make her his forever. The Thawing Of Mara Now that’s an interesting nickname. Financial company CEO Sinclair Buchanan is known as…Sin. Mara Prentiss just wishes she didn’t have to rent her Pennsylvania cottage to him, even if it’s perfect for weekend getaways. Will he be staying alone? Since she mentioned it, no. And if Mara’s free, so is he… Remember, true love isn’t just for fairy tales. . . .